CEC Mobile Fueler AwardW/ GTI & US Hybrids - Mobile

Operation and Maintenance for Burbank Hydrogen Station - Burbank , CA

Upgrade for City of Burbank Hydrogen Station - Burbank, CA


Hyundai Hydrogen Station - Chino, CA

Anaheim Air Liquide Station

Demo LAX Station


Hyundai Hydrogen Generation And Fuelling Facility

California Energy Commission Awardee for HydrogenInfrastructure PON-12-606

Clean Energy CNG City of Tulare Facility


Rental of Low Cost mobile hydrogen fuelling device. Used on Hyundai Drive for Hope Tour.

Clean Energy CNG Altamont Facility.

Camp Pendleton Hydrogen Station Safety Systems upgrade and repair install flame detection devices and reprogram. FACP repair and calibrate gas sensors in high bay.

Camp Pendleton Hydrogen Storage Expansion. Provide and install 30.3kg. of new storage. Provide and Install new gas control panel for cascade fill and dispense at 350 bar.


Operation and Maintenance of City of Burbank Hydrogen Station.

City of Bakersfield LCNG Facility Field Superintendent for NorthStar, Inc.

Hyundai America Tech Center, Inc. Reconfigure H2 station for Chevron turn over to Hyundai and to train Hyundai staff on usage.

Speedy Fuels LNG Station installation of electrical and safety systems.


Fresno LNG Station, Consultation on electrical installations, code requirements Installation of upgraded electrical systems for second tank.

Southwest Airlines San Diego International Airport. Installation of ground service equipment Enviroair fast SWA charge electrical charging systems.

Military Sealift Command Balboa Annex Installation of camera and controlled access audible systems and PA systems.

Chevron Hydrogen Chino Replace outside cameras, design, program and install timer and relays to empty water condensate vessels.


Shell Hydrogen Santa Monica, Electrical contractor for the installation of electrical distribution and Safety systems. Maintenance of all electrical systems.

Point Loma Navy Truck Insoecton Facility. Installation of electrical, voice and camera systems.


Chevron Hydrogen/ SCE Station Rosemead Electrical contractor for installation and maintenance of all electrical and safety systems.

Clean Energy LNG Station Carson, CA

Upgrade of electrical service and installation of LNG electrical and safety systems.


Los Angeles Unified School District 107th, 122nd, Western and Cabrillo Elementary

Pratt Whitney Rocketdyne Gene Krake, Wet Cell Test System Relocation.


Chevron Hydrogen A/C Transit Station Electrical. Contractor for Installation of H2 equipment and electrical systems.

City of Redlands CNG Station

City of Bakersfield CNG Station.

Naval Air Station Camp Pendleton Runway lighting and grounding.